Everything you need to know about our products

Made in Germany – Erding, our sole production site

All Huber floorings are made exclusively in our factory in Erding. We have over 40 steam-heated hydraulic presses available. Development, too, collaborates with our worldwide dealer network at the Upper Bavarian location.

 Rolls Рseamless and endless

Huber Technik’s floorings are delivered in rolls. This means that our products can be delivered in one piece up to a length of 100 m. For farmers, this means the floorings are easy to install: Put down, roll out and screw tight. Huber Technik’s rubber floorings have no seams, i. e. less wear and soiling than individual mats.

Fabric inserts – We rely on stability

High-quality new rubber flooring does not have to be thick to provide elasticity, convenience and durability. The reinforcement with fabric stabilises the flooring and reduces the stretch that is otherwise typical for rubber.

New rubber or old scrap granulate – The difference between our raw material and a recycling product

Vulcanised rubber cannot be melted and pressed again, in contrast to customary plastics, it may only be mechanically chopped up with lots of energy. Granulate materials have only low cohesion. Hence, additional binding agents must be used to reshape them.

Natural India rubber or compound tyres – We process the improved material

We use only new, unvulcanised compound tyres. They contain high-quality components for resistance against ageing and ozone. Affordable natural India rubber mixtures do not contain these stabilizers. Exposed to light and air, they can, therefore, become brittle. Barn flooring of natural India rubber often contains chalk as a filler, reducing costs. Our products are made in proven Huber quality and not ‘stretched’, therefore.

Joint health – softness

Extreme softness does not provide automatically for healthy joints. With moderate softness, Huber floorings achieve very good values. Read the DLG test reports and see for yourself. ©